Some Ideas To Consider For No-hassle Labels Plans

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However, sales in the category are expected to grow at 5.2 percent in 2017, slower than the average 6.9 percent rate at which the category had grown in the last five years. The latest quarterly results have also indicated a slowdown from the marquee manufacturers. The last few years have seen a surge in the number of retailers offering athleisure clothes, ranging from mass-market products sold by retailers such as Gap Inc (GPS.N) to $1,000 leggings from designers such as Alexander McQueen. “There is no more the growth that was there before and there are way more competitors for the brand (Lululemon) compared to when they’d started 10 years ago,” Jan Rogers Kniffen, chief executive of consulting firm J. Rogers Kniffen WWE, said. A hash of celebrity brand launches, including Beyonce’s Ivy Park line in April last year, has also competed for sales at the traditional retailers. “Nordstrom (JWN.N) has got a private label on athleisure, (J.C.) Penney (JCP.N) has also got a private label on athleisure, Kohl’s (KSS.N) has got a private label on athleisure. Everybody is doing it at every price point,” Kniffen said. ADVERTISEMENT A comeback in denim, led by 1970s-inspired wider leg denim pants and higher waist jeans from Forever 21 and H&M (HMb.ST), is also eating into demand for athleisure wear.

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