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Neatly roll your clothes rather than folding them when you are packing for a trip. This will allow you to save space and fit more in your suitcase. When you get to your destination, simply unroll the clothes, fold them and place them in the drawers. This should give you more baggage space, making it easier for you to bring less baggage on your trip.

He’s a sweet dog with a rough past, who now has been diagnosed with an incurableform of cancer. So, staffers and volunteers at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) have started a “bucket list” for Rocko. They’re coming up with a list of fun things Rocko might love during his final weeks. Rocko’s journey began when he made his first appearance at a shelter in October 2015. The Labrador mix was surrendered to MCACCs Mesa location because his owner was moving and couldnt take him along. Rocko was adopted six months later in March 2016, but was returned to the shelter again in April.


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